Hi, I’m Eli Kessler. I’m a first year computer science major from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. I have chosen to focus my efforts on improving my communication in electronic formats, with a particular focus on the medium of social media. In my personal experience I have found that I am not very prodigious in expressing myself through this means of communication. While I possess a variety of social media accounts, they are, in essence, a barren wasteland, devoid of much of the expression of self as they are intended to display. I find that I am often uncomfortable with exposing myself and my opinions in such an open and easily accessible manner, and therefore almost never actually do so. I have no such fears when communicating orally and non-verbally, even before large groups, or in written or visual contexts, such as composing essays or videos in which I express my opinions, but when it comes to releasing these opinions electronically, where they can be seen by virtually anyone, I stumble. I believe that the blog posts required for this course will act as a sort of exposure therapy for me, and after repeatedly expressing my opinions in this form I will be much more comfortable with communicating electronically.

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I’m Eli Kessler, a first year computer science major at Georgia Tech. I was born and raised in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

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If you need to contact me please reach me at my email, ekessler@gatech.edu